India River System – Peninsular Rivers India

Peninsular Rivers flowing in Arabian Sea (East → West)

  • Forms only Estuaries
  • No Delta Due to Hard rocks & lack of Distributaries
Luni Sabarmati Mahi
Narmada Tawa Tapi

Peninsular Indian Rivers

  • Desertic river, also known as the Sagarmati
  • Rises from the western slopes of the Aravalli Range near Ajmer
  • Ends in the marshy lands of Rann of Kutch in Gujarat
  • Inspite of high salinity, it is a major river in region
  • Serves as a primary source of irrigation
  • Rises from Dhebar lake in Aravalli Range of the Udaipur (Rajasthan)
  • Flow Route: Udaipur Gulf of Khambat Arabian Sea via Estuary
  • Rises from Vindhya range (MP)
  • flows through MP, Rajasthan & Gujrat & drains in Gulf of Cambay
  • Famous Projects → Banswara Dam & Kadana dam
  • Origin Amarkantak, Shahdol, MP
  • Also known as Rewa River
  • Flows through rift valley of Vindhya & Satpura
  • Flow Route: MP Bharuch (Gujrat) Gulf of Khambat (Gujrat) Arabian Sea via Estuary
  • Longest among all east to west flowing rivers
  • Known as Life line of MP
  • Forms Duandhar falls at Jabalpur
  • Tributary Hiran River, Tawa River, Kolar River
  • Aliabet Largest Island in Estuary
  • Famous projects →Sardar Sarovar Dam, Maheshwar Dam, Indira Gandhi Sagar Dam
  • Rises in the Satpura Range of Betul (MP)
  • Narmada’s longest tributary
  • Origin Mahadev hills, Satpura range, Betul district, MP
  • Flow Route: MP   Maharashtra Gulf of Khambat or Cambay Arabian Sea via Estuary
  • Famous projects → Kakrapar Dam & Ukai Dam
  • Rises from Western Ghats in Kerala
  • Flows towards west & drains in Arabian Sea via an estuary
Note JOG falls, made by Sharavati river in Karnataka is Highest in India

Peninsular Rivers flowing in Bay of Bengal ( West → East)

  • Mahanadi
  • Godavari
  • Penganga
  • Sabri
  • Wardha
  • Indravati
  • Krishna
  • Tungabhadra
  • Bhima
  • Kaveri
  • Penner
  • Vaigai (Drains in Gulf of Mannar)

South Indian Rivers

  • OriginDandakaranya Hills, Raipur
  • Flow Route: Chhattisgarh Orissa EGs BOB
  • Famous Project : Hirakund Dam
  • Origin Triambakeshwar Plateau, Nashik, WGs
  • Largest Peninsular River
  • Known as Dakshina / Vriddha Ganga
  • Flow Route: Nashik  Andhra Pradesh BOB
  • Famous Tributaries Penganga, Sabri, Wardha & Indravati
  • Famous Projects       Poochampad,  Jayakwadi, Polavaram
  • Rises from Ajanta hills (Maharashtra)
  • a tributary of River Wardha which finally merges into Godavari
  • Origin Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra, WGs
  • Flow Route: Maharashtra Andhra Pradesh BOB
  • Famous Projects Koyna, Tugrabhdra, Srisailam & Nagarjuna Sagar Dam
  • a major tributary of Krishna
  • Rises from Western Ghats
  • Rises from Balaghat range (Maharashtra)
  • Tributary of Krishna
  • Origin Brahamgiri hills, Karnataka, WGs
  • Flow Route: Karnataka Kaveripatnam (TN) BOB
  • Perrenial River
  • Forms Shivasundaram Waterfalls
  • Famous projects Krishnaraja sagar & Mettur
  • Rises from Karnataka
  • Flows b/w Krishna & Kaveri
  • Drains into BOB
  • Rises from Palni hills (TN)
  • A seasonal river flows through TN
  • Drains in Gulf of Mannar
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    • The Indira Sagar Dam is a multipurpose project of Madhya Pradesh on the Narmada River at Narmada Nagar, Mundi in the Khandwa district of Madhya Pradesh in India

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