Modern India History Notes To Prepare For UPSC Online

Section 1 → Warren Hastings, Cornwallis, Wellesley, William Bentinck, Dalhousie, Revolt of 1857, Lord Lytton, Lord Rippon, Lord Curzon & Partition of Bengal

Section 2 → Indian National Movements, Moderate Nationalism, Swadeshi Movement, Extremism, Home Rule Leauge & Emergence of Gandhi

Section 3 → Swarajists, Revolutionary Terrorism, Simon Commission, Civil Disobedience Movement, & Govenment of India Act, 1935

Section 4 → Cripps Mission, Quit India Movement, Indian National Army, Rajgopalachari Formula, Cabinet Mission, India Independence Act

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  1. Haii sir. Please reply me,. is this notes of modern indian history suffiecent for UPSC prelims???

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