Indian Philosophy forms the 50% part of Paper 1 of Philosophy optional in civil services. Given below are the philosophy articles which will surely help you to get a good grasp of Indian Philosophy.

  • A Note On Indian Philosophy


Jainism & Buddhism Form the Heterodox Schools (nastika) of Indian Philosophy which defied the authority of Vedas; and took the more pragmatic & rational view of human life.

  • Jainism Philosophy
  • Buddhism Philosophy


6 Indian Philosophy Schools which believed in authority of Vedas were termed as astika (orthodox) schools – Nyaya, Vaishesika, Yoga, Samkhya, Mimamsa & Vedanata – Vedic system of thoughts. Vedic School itself consist of the several school of thoughts like Samkara School, Ramanuja School, Madhva School etc.

  • Samkhya Philosophy
  • Yoga School Philosophy – (Neo Samkhya)
  • Nyaya School Philosophy
  • Vaisheshika School Philosophy
  • Charvaka Philosophy
  • Mimamsa Philosophy
  • Vedanta Philosophy – Shankaracharya, Ramanuja
  • Vedanta Philosophy – Madhavacharya Dvaitvada


Aurobindo Ghosh Philosophy in Indian Philosophy system mainly is the integration of all Indian & Western school of thoughts; which he propounded in his Philosophy of Integral Yoga.

  • Aurobindo Philosophy & Integral Yoga
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