The original meaning of the word philosophy comes from the Greek roots philo- meaning “love” and – sophos, or “wisdom.” When someone studies philosophy they want to understand how and why people do certain things and how to live a good life. In other words, they want to know the meaning of life.

You study Science because it affects your daily life to a great extent, but you chose to ignore the reason, Why millions of people follow a sect (Hindu , Christian , Islam , Buddhist). What is this liberty idea that America follows and Why Russian Communism principle is against that , how they evolved ?

Is god real ? If yes , Is he omnipotent ?? If he is omnipresent? what is the nature of his existence? If he is all powerful can he create square circle? Can he produce evil if the world is his existence? See this is the beauty of philosophy .

I was really curious to study all this and after studying it , trust me it will make you feel proud to be an INDIAN, the motherland of Philosophy. It will surely change you as a person.

A brief Take on Philosophy Optional Notes For UPSC

  • UPSC Notes on Indian Philosophy
  • UPSC Notes on Western Philosophy
  • UPSC Notes – Philosophy of Religion
  • UPSC Notes on Social Political Philosophy


Syllabus Of Philosophy Optional For UPSC

Must Have Books Of Philosophy Optional For UPSC

Why Philosophy

  • Short syllabus than that of other subjects – can be completed in just two and half months.
  • Availability of good coaching & study materials with second paper relatively open ended.
  • Involves topics which can be answered in the exam even with general awareness.
  • GS paper – IV ( Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude ) has strong roots in philosophy.
  • It need not to be updated with any current developments as it is required in other subjects
  • It appeals to those who have an inclination to flight of thought and are interested to talk about spirituality and soul.
  • Topics like democracy, secularism, humanism, women empowerment, multiculturalism, corruption, justice, religion and morality, etc. are the relevant topics for the essay.


Points of Caution

  • Increasing competition. Since more students are opting for the subject these days, you need to present innovative and genuine answers in the paper to outshine others.
  • Paper 2 scores have been really dismal in the recent years. The checking has become really tough.
  • Since the syllabus itself is short, UPSC is coming up with peculiar and tough questions to test the candidates.


Syllabus Of Philosophy Optional For UPSC

Must Have Books Of Philosophy Optional For UPSC

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