History Notes For UPSC / IAS

Why one should read History Seriously

  • The subject is plain, involves no typical theories, doctrines, principles and ideas and on the balance is marked by the absence of technicalities.
  • Current issues are absent what one finds in almost all popular optional subjects, so preparation does not require updating.
  • Everything is almost fixed in history. In Preliminary Examination there are about 15 to 18 questions constituting 30 to 36 marks (GS Paper-I (Prelim)
  • In GS-I (Paper-II Main) History is expected to constitute over 50% marks (125+ marks)



History Notes To Prepare For UPSC Online

Bestseller Books For History Prelims & Mains – English

Bestseller Books For History Prelims & Mains – Hindi

The best way to study History is NCERT Text books from Standard 6 to 12. Most of the topics are explained in very simple language in the basic text books. Click Here to download NCERT Books

    1. Soiology book Collins a thick one with blue print and cost around 1100, it would cover all sociology context not specifically upsc but specialized in sociology itself.

  1. Sir, you are like light house for us in this preparation. You are doing a great job. Please keep it up.
    Sir, it would be of immense help for us if you could provide world history and society notes for mains exam GS-1.
    Thanking you

  2. I am in need of study materials for upsc preparation. while searching for the same I came across this site. It would be really helpful if I get to access them.

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