Polity Notes To Prepare For UPSC Online

Indian Polity has everything about Constitution, individual’s rights, duties and responsibilities to structure, power, functions and responsibilities of various institutions of administration. Along with this, candidates should also give more importance to the current events related to the topics like the recent changes in the constitution, amendments, and bills, new schemes initiated by government and relevant Supreme Court verdicts.

Section 1 → Constitution + Union Territories + Citizenship + FRs + DPSP + FDs

Section 2 → The Union, President, Vice President, COM, AGI, CAG

Section 3 → Indian Parliament – Rajya Sabha, Lok Sabha, Bills & Working procedure

Section 4 → State legislature, State Executives, Supreme Court & High Court

Section 5 → Special Provisions States + Union Territories + Schedule & Tribal Areas + Local Governments


Section 6 → Center-State Relations + Tribunals + Language + Emergency provisions + Anti-Deflection Law + Parliamentary Committees

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  2. Very good article, thanks for sharing

  3. very much simple way to learn

  4. Is this the complete syllabus for Prelims ?

  5. That’s very information.I think it will be nice if you also include historical background in polity.Hope that will be included soon………

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