Hindi Books & Tips to Crack UPSC Interview

Preparation for the Interview is no single day affair, it is a continuous process. The candidate should keep the interview session in mind the day he starts preparing for the prelims. A clear focus and a proper schedule are required to start which requires proper planning.

Reading of books, journals, and at least two newspapers is a routine for every IAS aspirant. Do not discontinue with this practice before the interviews. Improve your conversational skills with the right pronunciation. Start discussing what you read to enhance your conversational skills. The candidate should make a self analysis of his strengths and weaknesses and make a conscious effort to play on his strengths.

The personality test for the highest civilian job is a test not only for intelligence and knowledge but also quality assessment of overall personality, attentiveness, leadership abilities and balance of judgment, honesty and integrity that are required for an administrative post of the highest order.

Books to Prepare for UPSC Interview


7 Must Read Books For An IAS Aspirant –¬†Hindi


Some useful tips to prepare for interview 

  • Prepare about question related to your hobbies, career, choice of services, family & your name
  • In depth knowledge about current national as well as international issues is mandatory
  • ‘Why you want to opt for the civil services’ is a probable question.
  • Humanatarian concerns while answering questions will be looked up to, but avoid unrealistic answers
  • Be prepared to answer some tricky questions & guide the interview course by stressing on a particular field you know well


Some useful tips to keep in mind during interview

  • Maintain a positive body language
  • Try not giving diplomatic answers. Try to portray your side of mind
  • Do answer questions clearly and confidently
  • Remain calm and composed even when faced with provocative questions
  • Answer briefly and do not try engaging confusing conversations
  • Avoid expressions like ‘I am sorry’, ‘of course’, ‘obviously’ and the likes
  • Avoid technical jargons unless necessary.
  • Analyze things rationally for option based questions and do not derive into sweeping generalization
  • Maintain safe distance from the interview panel while conversation and avoid abrupt laughter.


A good administrator is free from any sort of prejudice. He should be good at making quick yet just decisions and should have the ability to act under stress and to handle difficult situations. Prepare yourself with a positive attitude and an alert mind.

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