Books for Philosophy Optional For UPSC Mains Exam


Books for Philosophy Optional For UPSC Mains Exam

Philosophy is getting very popular as an optional subject these days. Only four to five standard books are more than enough to prepare Philosophy optional in depth. If you have even a moderate interest in philosophy, try to go through some books of university level. If you can develop logic, see your understanding going in any direction and it does not bore you, it’s for you. Once you begin understanding philosophy, you have the chances that you can exploit it at any level.

Books for Philosophy Optional – English

Western Philosophy
Indian Philosophy
Social Political Philosophy
Philosophy of Religion

Books for Philosophy Optional – Hindi

Paschatya Darshan
Bhartiya Darshan
Social Political Philosophy
Dharm Darshan

Why One Should Choose Philosophy Optional

  • Short syllabus than that of other subjects
  • The entire syllabus can be completed in just two and half months.
  • Availability of good coaching centres and study materials
  • Second paper is relatively open ended.
  • It involves topics which can be answered in the exam even with general knowledge/awareness.
  • GS paper – IV ( Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude ) has strong roots in philosophy
  • It need not to be updated with any current developments as it is required in other subjects .
  • It appeals to those who have an inclination to flight of thought and are interested to talk about spirituality and soul.
  • It has immense applicability in essay paper. Topics like democracy, secularism, humanism, women empowerment, multiculturalism, corruption, justice, religion and morality, etc. are the relevant topics for the essay.

Points of Caution

  • Increasing competition. Since more students are opting for the subject these days, you need to present innovative and genuine answers in the paper to outshine others.
  • Paper 2 scores have been really dismal in the recent years. The checking has become really tough.
  • Since the syllabus itself is short, UPSC is coming up with peculiar and tough questions to test the candidates.
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