Books for Sociology Optional for UPSC Mains Exam

Books for Sociology Optional for UPSC Mains Exam


Books for Sociology Optional for UPSC Mains Exam 👇

Dive into the realm of Books for Sociology Optional for UPSC Mains Exam with our curated selection. Explore sociological theories, thinkers, and real-world applications to master the intricacies of society. Elevate your exam readiness and analytical prowess with this handpicked collection, designed to empower your journey toward success in the Civil Services. Uncover the sociological landscape with confidence through our expert-recommended readings.

Sociology has emerged as one of the most scoring subjects in Civil Services Examination. In fact, after Public Administration, the highest number of students appears in Civil Services main is from Sociology. Short syllabus, easy understandability, marks fetching subject for Civil Services main exam, these are some general trends that attracts thousands of students every year to choose Sociology as their optional subject.

Books for Sociology Optional for UPSC Paper – 1 – English 👇

  1. Sociology Themes and Perspectives by Michael Haralambos, Martin Holborn
  2. Sociological Thought by Francis Abraham and John Henry Morgan
  3. Sociological Theory by George Ritzer
  4. Political Theory by O P Gauba

Books for Sociology Optional for UPSC Paper – 2 – English 👇

Books for Sociology Optional for UPSC Paper – Hindi 👇

  1. Samajshastra: Samaj Ki Smajh by Yogesh Atal
  2. Samajik Samasyayein by Ram Ahuja
  3. Rajniti Siddhant Ki Rooprekha by O P Gauba

Why one should choose Sociology Optional 👇

  • No special knowledge or academic background is required for the preparation of Sociology as an optional subject.
  • The main advantage in taking Sociology is that it provides perspective on many contemporary issues that a student has to anyway study in General Studies.
  • In General studies (1st paper) Questions varying from 20 marks to 50 marks are asked from social problems
  • In Essay Paper, there are two to four topics directly based on social problems, which would be arranged in a very systematic and logical manner. Sociology students always remain in comfort zone in making a better presentation and obtaining good marks.
  • Many concepts in sociology overlap with topics in the General Studies papers of the UPSC exam. This synergy can make preparation more integrated and efficient.
  • Sociology is inherently interdisciplinary, drawing from fields like history, political science, economics, and anthropology. This provides a holistic understanding of societal structures and dynamics.
  • Sociology provides a rich set of theoretical frameworks for analyzing and interpreting social phenomena. This enhances critical thinking and analytical skills.
  • The understanding of societal issues gained through sociology can be beneficial in the Essay paper, as it enables candidates to provide a well-rounded perspective on various topics.
  • A background in Sociology can be advantageous for careers beyond the Civil Services, including roles in social research, NGOs, international organizations, and academia.
  • For those with an interest in understanding human behavior, societal structures, and cultural dynamics, sociology can be an engaging and intellectually stimulating subject.
  • In Interviews, most of the current-based and situation-based questions have direct link with social problems. A Sociology student has already been groomed for such questions.
  • Sociology is considered a scoring optional by many candidates. The subject is often regarded as straightforward, and well-prepared candidates can secure high marks.
  • Sociology helps in understanding social issues, which is crucial for an administrator. The knowledge gained can be applied to policy-making and governance.

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