World Geography Notes To Prepare For UPSC Online

Section 1 → Different Landforms on Earth

Section 2 → Climate & Natural Vegetation of the World

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  1. Thank u sir, for your wonderful support, I have query related to geography optional, sir where are geography optional article, please cover them , we really need your help & will be very grateful to you….thanks in advance and for your support

  2. who needs to read a book for prelims when these awesome articles are there in geography. TY so much

    • where are geography optional article, can you please tell me

  3. very concise n relevent to the present days question nature especially geography part.ausome diagrams.with due respect,can u do geography optional olso sir?

    • Hello Lai Zing! I will be writing on geography optional from mid April.

      • eagerly waiting sir….wud not forget ur efforts.gud services for those who culd not afford coaching institutions

      • exactly.. its really very good thing for us in these days,…

      • where are geography optional article, can you please tell me

  4. Nice efforts and simplifying preparation. Thanks

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