River System of India – Indus River System

Prime Watershed of River Origin in India
  • Himalayas and Karakoram ranges
  • Vindhya, Satpura ranges and Chota Nagpur Plateau
  • Western Ghats
River categories on the basis of their origin
  • Himalayan Rivers
  • Deccan Rivers
  • Coastal Rivers
  • Rivers of the inland Drainage basin
Top 5 largest rivers of India  Ganga > Godavari > Krishna > Yamuna > Brahmaputra

Indus River System

Indus River System

  • Ancient name Sindhu
  • Origin Bokharchu Glacier, Near Mansarovar
  • In Tibet, Called Singi Khamban / Lion’s mouth
  • Enters In India through Ladakh, flows only in J &K
  • Enters Pak through hair pin bend of Nanga Parbat
  • Finally Discharges in Arabian Sea
  • Flows approx. ( 709 / 2880 ) Km in India
  • India uses 20 % of its water by Indo  Pak water treaty of 1960
  • Originates from Rimo Glacier
  • Known as river of death
  • flows through Ladakh in India
  • A tributary of the Indus River
  • Ancient name Vitasta
  • Origin Verinag Spring (Kashmir)
  • Tributary of Chenab, flows only in J &K
  • Flows Northward to Wular Lake
  • Cut through gorge in Pir- Panjal range to reach Muzzafarabad (POK)
  • Ancient name Akshani / Iskmati
  • Origin Bara Lacha Pass (Himachal)
  • Known as chandra-bhaga in Himachal
  • Chandra River Water flowing south from the pass
  • Bhaga River     Water Flowing north from the pass
  • Flows Northward & parallel to Pir –Panjal Range for some distance
  • Cut through gorge in Pir – Panjal & Turns southward
  • Largest tributary of Indus, Flows through Himachal & J & K
  • Famous Projects Duhasti, Baglihar & Salal hydroelectric project
  • Ancient name Purushni
  • Origin Kullu hills near Rohtang Pass (Himachal)
  • Tributary of Chenab
  • Smallest of 5 rivers
  • Flows through Indo – Pak boundary
  • Flows northward b/w Pir – Panjal & Dhauladhar Ranges
  • Cut a gorge through Dhauladhar range & flows southward
  • Ancient name Vipasha
  • Origin Beas kund near Rohtang Pass, Himachal
  • Tributary of Satluj
  • Only river flowing entirely in India
  • Runs southward, Cut a deep gorge in Dhauladhar & turns west to meet Satluj near Harike (Punjab)
  • Famous Project Pong Dam
  • Ancient name Shatadru
  • Origin Rakas lake, Tibet, near Mansarovar
  • Enter Himachal at Shipki La Pass
  • Collects water from Ravi, Chenab, Jhelum & Beas to join Indus near Mithalkot (Pak)
  • Famous Projects Naptha Jhakri Project & Bhakra Nagal Dam with Govind Sagar Reservoir
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