Vision Mindmaps for UPSC Prelims & Mains


Vision Mindmaps for UPSC Prelims & Mains

Vision IAS require no introduction when it comes to compiling best of the material for upsc civil services exam. So here we go to provide you the latest Prelims & Mains Exclusives For UPSC from vision IAS itself.

GS 1

GS 2

GS 3

Raja Ram Mohan Roy 1772-1833 Right to Recall One Nation One Ration Card
Viceroy of India 1856 – 1899 PR vs FPTP G20 Osaka Summit Part 1
Viceroy of India 1899 – 1931 Section 4 of RTI Act G20 Osaka Summit Part 2
Viceroy of India 1931 – 1948 Civil Services Reform 10 Years of MNREGA
Swadeshi movement 1905-08 Compulsory Voting in India Bank Nationalization – 50 Years
Quit India Movement EVM Mutidimentional Poverty Index
100 Years – Jaliawala Bagh Extradition Bimstech Summit
Champakaran Satyagraha Sedition Bricks Summit 2017
Home Rule League Movement Impact of Administrative reforms Africa – Free Trade Area
Kartarpur Corridor Judicial appointments in India Competitive Federalism
South Indian Architechture Model Code of Conduct Hybrid Electoral System
Indus Valley Architecture ULB Reservation Demand Doubling Farmer Income
Mauryan Architecture Nation action plan for Children Niti Ayog Health Index
Post Mauryan Architecture National Health Policy 2017 Falling Rupee
Gupta Architecture National Medical Commission bill Krishi Sichayi Yojna
Hindu Religion & Philosophy Right to be forgotten Office of Profit
Jain Religion & Philosophy Right to privacy RCEP
Buddhist Religion & Philosophy National Green Tribunal Should Railway Budget Scapped
UNESCO North East Gas Grid Project Socio Economic Caste Census
World heritage sites Gujrat Border Management Swatch Bharat –Gramin SBM
World heritage sites Maharashtra Face off in Doklam Plateau Telecom Sector
Decline of Harappan Civilization – New Findings Gorkhaland Issue Unified Payment Interface
Folk Dances of Western India India China Water relations White Label ATMs
Folk Dances of Union Territories Indian Diaspora Cauvery Water Issue
Folk Dances of South India Rohingya Issue Shakti Policy
Folk Dances of North India Sagarmala UDAN
Folk Dances of North East India Bharat Ratna 5G
Folk Dances of East Central India   Hyperspectral Imaging Satellite
SattriyaEnglishHindi P 8i Neptune
OdissiEnglishHindi Libra
MohiniyattamEnglish Hindi Nanotechnology
ManipuriEnglishHindi Nanotechnology in India
KuchipudiEnglishHindi Genetically Modified Crops
KathhakEnglishHindi GSLV MK3
KathakaliEnglishHindi Integrated Guided Missile Development Plan
BharatnatyamEnglishHindi Cyber Swatchhta Kendra
National Wildlife Action Plan   ZIKA Virus
Illegal Sand Mining   Fixed Dose Combinations
    National Biopharma Mission
    National Policy on Biofuels 2018
  International Solar Alliance
    Solid Waste Management
    Sustainable Development
    India on Climate Change
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