Homeless Households

Families that do not live in buildings and reside by roadsides, on pavements, in Hume pipes, under flyovers and staircases, on railway platforms, and in the open at or near places of worship.

Causes of Increasing Homeless Households in Cities 

  • Rural–Urban disparity in social Assistance programme
  • Shrinking agricultural land in general and income in particular
  • Lack of incentives in other rural occupations e.g. cottage and household industries
  • Lack of Infrastructure in city to deal with migration
  • Rising aspiration to earn an adequate income and later on failure to with growing economic pace of urban life
  • Low minimum wages to support a basic rented accommodation
  • Over-crowded and temporary night-shelters
  • Social and traumatic reason e.g. disaster, family break-up or domestic violence (most victims are women)

Homeless Households

Challenges faced by them 

  • Since their identification is difficult, they are usually not able to enjoy benefits of government schemes
  • They are mostly left at the care of NGO, who have less resources and little accountability.
  • Personal security, quiet, and privacy, especially for sleeping, bathing, and other activities
  • Safekeeping of bedding, clothing, and possessions, which may have to be carried at all times
  • Increased risk of suffering from violence and abuse
  • Children don’t get suitable environment for their growth, education and overall development
  • Existing government actions are punitive. For instance, houseless are often seen as beggar and vagrants which is criminalized in many states and face regular police harassment


Measures for rehabilitation 

  • should work in collaboration with NGOs to provide night shelters, clothing & clean sanitary facilities
  • Development of satellite towns to discourage migration to already overcrowded urban metropolis
  • 25 % quota for weaker section in schools must be strictly implemented
  • The houseless families should be regularly diagnosed with seasonal diseases and be provided with adequate healthcare facilities at zero prices
  • Local administration must be made accessible so that prompt remedial action could be taken for any act of discrimination and harassment against them
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