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Provincial Style During Islamic Era in India

Bengal School of Architecture

  • Islamic monuments of Bengal are consistent in design as of other regions, with distinguishing features such as material used & designs execution
  • Brick was the chief building material with the use of stone being limited largely to pillars for trabeate/Arcuate construction, mainly obtained from demolished temples.
  • The so-called “Bengal” roof with sloping cornices, which originated from the bamboo construction, was adopted by the Muslims and later it spread widely, even in other regions.
  • Covered brick and glazed tiles were usually pressed into service for decoration.


Malwa School of Architecture (MP & Rajasthan)

  • Followed arcuate style majorly with elegant use of arch with pillar and beam;
  • Lofty terraces approached by well-proportioned stairways,
  • Impressive size of buildings, use of various colored stones & marbles with minor use of bright coloured glazed tiles.
  • Minaret is absent in this style
  • Notable Examples are Rani Rupmati pavilion (Mandu), Ashrafi Mahal (Mandu), Hindola mahal (Mandu), Jahaz Mahal (Mandu)

Hindola Mahal, ManduHindola mahal (Mandu)

rupmati-pavilionRani Rupmati pavilion (Mandu)

Jaunpur School of Architecture (UP)

  • Developed by Sharqui Dynasty hence also called as sharqui style. It was influenced by the buildings of Tughlaq period
  • Prominent feature Huge imposing pro-pylon screens, filling the central and side bays of prayer hall
  • Notable Example is Atalla Masjid (Built during the reign of Shamsuddin Ibrahim)

Provincial Style Atalla masjidAtalla masjid

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