Shivaji (1627 – 1680)

  • Born at Shivner (Father [arr] Shahji Bhosale, Mother [arr] Jija Bai)
  • Inherited Jagir of Poona from his father in 1637
  • Continuous fight with Aurangzeb
  • Shaishta khan captured Poona, but Shivaji reclaimed it
  • Aurangzeb sent Raja jai Singh of Amber, who besieged Purander fort [arr] Treaty of Purander, 1665
  • Treaty of Purander [arr] Shivaji surrendered 23 / 35 forts to Mughals & said to be loyal to Mughal empire.
  • In 1674, Shivaji recaptured all his lost territory & crowned himself at Raigarh assuming the title of Chhtrapati


  • King was pivot at the center, led by COM’s called “Astapradhan”
  • Peshwa [arr] Finance & General administrator (Later became PM)
  • Amatya [arr] Accountant General
  • Sar – i – Naubat / Senapati [arr] Military commander
  • Waqnavis [arr] Intelligence & Household affairs
  • Sachiv [arr] Correspondence
  • Sumanta [arr] Master of ceremonies
  • Nyayadhish [arr] Justice Chief
  • Pandit Rao [arr] Charities & Religious admin
  • Appointed his own revenue official “Karkuns” diminishing the power of existing Deshmukhs & Kulkarnis

Maratha Empire 1795


  • From neighboring kingdoms of Mughals & Deccan
  • Chauth [arr] 1 / 4 of the land revenue to Marathas (for not attacking them & keeping safe)
  • Deshmukhis [arr] levy of 1/10 on lands Marathas claimed hereditary rights (Maratha land)

Peshwas (1713 – 1818)

  • Balaji Vishvanath [arr] under Maratha ruler Shahu
  • Baji Rao [arr] under Maratha ruler Shahu
  • Balaji Baji Rao [arr] became King & ruler of Marathas (Shahu Died)

Agreement with Mughals

  • Balaji Bajirao came into agreement with Mughals in 1752
  • Protection of Mughals in exchange of revenue (Chauth) from Northern provinces

3rd Battle of Panipat

  • Ahmed Shah Abdali vs Balaji Bajirao
  • When Ahmed Shah Abdali invaded India, Marathas fought for Mughals.
  • Balaji Bajirao got defeated & died in 3rd battle of Panipat.
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