Indian Navy Warships Projects

INS Chakra

  • Nuclear powered submarine under a 10-year lease from Russia since 2012.
  • Negotiations are underway to lease an additional Akula-class attack submarine


Arihant Class Submarine

  • A class of nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines being built for the Indian Navy
  • The lead vessel of the class, INS Arihant was launched in 2009
  • Arihant is the first ballistic missile submarine to have been built by a country other than one of the five permanent members of the UNSC
  • The 6,000 tonne vessel was built under the Advanced Technology Vessel (ATV) project at the Ship Building Centre in the port city of Visakhapatnam
  • INS Arihant is to be the first of the expected five in the class of submarines designed and constructed as a part of the Indian Navy’s secretive Advanced Technology Vessel (ATV) project

Ins Arihant


Project 17 – Shivalik class Frigate

  • The Shivalik class or Project 17 class is a class of multi-role frigates in service with the Indian Navy.
  • They are the first stealth warships built in India – built by Mazagon Dock Limited
  • A total of three ships were built between 2000 and 2010, and all three were in commission by 2012


Project 15 – Delhi Class destroyers

  • Delhi-class destroyers are guided-missile destroyers of the Indian Navy
  • Three ships of this class are in active service – INS Delhi, INS Mysore, INS Mumbai
  • The Delhi-class vessels are the third-largest warships to be fully designed and built in India, after the Kolkata-class destroyers and the Shivalik-class frigates


Project 15A – Kolkata Class Destroyer

  • The Kolkata class (Project 15A) are a class of stealth guided missile destroyers
  • The class comprises three ships – Kolkata, Kochi and Chennai – built by Mazagon Dock Limited
  • The destroyers are a follow-on of the Project 15 Delhi-class destroyers, but are considerably more capable than them


Project 15B – Visakhapatnam Class Destroyer

  • The Visakhapatnam class (Project 15B) is a class of stealth guided missile destroyers currently being built for the Indian Navy.
  • Based on the Kolkata-class design, the Visakhapatnam class will be an extensively improved version.
  • 1st ship of Project 15B, a Guided Missile Destroyer Visakhapatnam- largest missile destroyer commissioned in India till now
  • Will carry 8 BrahMos missiles
  • Future Ships under this project – Porbandar, Mormugao, Paradip


Project 17A

  • The Project 17A-class frigate is follow-on of the Project 17 Shivalik-class frigate for the Indian Navy.
  • A future project aimed at building country’s most advanced warships
  • Seven frigates will be built indigenously with stealth features to avoid easy detection by Mazagon Dock and GRSE

Project 75I

  • 6 Diesel submarines with Air Independent Propulsion System (AIP) technology for Indian Navy by 2022
  • Conventional diesel-electric submarines have to surface every few days to get oxygen to recharge their batteries.
  • With AIP systems, they can stay submerged for much longer periods.
  • Will have both anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare viz. vertical launched BrahMos for the sea & land targets + Tube-launched torpedoes for anti-submarine warfare
  • AIP significantly improves stealth, as it enables a submarine to generate electricity for services and battery charging and propulsion while completely submerged.


Scorpene submarine to carry AIP

  • A class of diesel-electric submarine jointly developed by the French DCN and the Spanish company Navantia & now by DCNS under Project 75.
  • It features diesel-electric propulsion and an additional air-independent propulsion (AIP) system.
  • A DRDO-developed critical propulsion system will go into the last two of the six Scorpene submarines, being built under technology transfer at Mazagon Dock, Mumbai.


Aircraft Carriers –  INS Vikrant

  • Maiden indigenous aircraft carrier in India
  • Largest aircraft carrier after induction
  • Previous aircraft carriers in India – INS Vikramaditya from Russia & INS Viraat from UK
  • Puts India in the elite group of four nations – the US, Russia, the UK and France – in the world capable of designing and constructing aircraft carriers


INS Alleppey Decommissioned

  • Was one of the six Ponchicherry class coastal minesweepers, designed to detect and destroy underwater mines
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