Art and Culture

Art and Culture

Art and Culture Notes to Prepare for UPSC Online

Art and Culture of India is a vast and diverse topic. Most of the time UPSC aspirants find the Art and Culture very difficult due to its diversity. The Art and Culture of India is largely linked with the Ancient and Medieval History of India.

As per latest trends, UPSC asks the question not directly but linked to Ancient, Medieval History of India and Current Affairs. First and the foremost candidate should have a thorough knowledge of UPSC Syllabus for Prelims as well as Mains exam.

Section 1 : Maurya Art + Post Maurya Art + Gupta Art + Cave Architecture + Temple Styles

Section 2 : Indo Islamic Architecture + Colonial Architecture

Section 3 : Paintings, Theatre, Music, Dance, Religion, Philosophy

Section 4 : Indian Social Structure, Festivals, Monuments, Handicrafts

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