Economy Notes To Prepare For Civil Services Online

Note: All the Articles here are taken from These are the notes i understood and prepared from Mrunal’s slides and videos. Given the dynamic nature of this subject, datas and policies changes more frequently than any other subject.

Hence, to have a firm grasp on economy one has to understand the basics and logics of economy, rather than focusing on percentages, datas and facts. Thus, I have tried to provide you with what to understand and look for in every article given below; hope you find it useful.

Section 1 → Evolution of Money & Banking, Financial institutions India

Section 2 → GDP Calculation, Monetary Policy, Inflation, Governance Finance

Section 3 → Capital Market, Bonds, Equities, FII, P Notes, ADR, GDR

  1. Respected iasmania team Thank you very much for these notes …It is very useful to IAS Aspirants like me .I’m startedup preparing for UPSC .I hope so it might be useful to me
    Thank you once again.Looking forward Your response that help me to reach my goal

  2. Respected IASmania,
    Your efforts are highly appreciable for bringing this service to the doorstep of many IAS aspirants. However, a faculty of mine, in one of the reputed institution, claims to be a co-founder of this very site. And hence he provides us the notes from this very site. I do not want to name the person. It would be of immense help if I get to know the founders’ names, thereby alleviating the credibility issue that has cropped up in my mind. He also claims that he has quit this initiative only months ago.

    Thank you

  3. You are very kind to upload these notes to prepare for the civil services exam. The concepts are very similar to the ones I learned at Citibank business division. I should be able to score well, but you notes will guarantee that. Thank you for sharing them.

  4. Nice compilation but do mention the original source ie. , guys if you have made notes from mrunal then u need not to go through them coz they are same !

  5. sir your notes for everything are too awesome…I cannot thank you enough…please make more notes for remaining things if possible .. like in economics also for remaining topics….thank you so much sir… I only wish from my heart whoever you are .you will get best of success and peace in your life…:) dont mind if it sounds awkward…I am saying out of happiness, respect and gratitude for your help 🙂

  6. Beauty of notes is quiet appreciable ,easy to revise both for pre and mains,
    but some topics are missing especially in economy.

  7. Yeah ,Actually i have the same question that , although the given material is excellent, but is it sufficient [for all the subjects and for both pre and mains] ? as some topics are not there in all the subjects .

  8. Hello Sir/ Ma’am,
    You have provided an excellent study material, specially in Geography and Environment.
    I’m eagerly waiting for a complete economics material.
    Thanks & Regards.

  9. sir, is the economy notes sufficient for prelims ? i dont see on PSU or emplyoment and poverty?

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