Sangam Age: 300 – 600 AD

Sangam Age: 300 – 600 AD

  • Assembly of poets
  • Mainly patronized by Pandayas

Divided in 2 parts

  • 18 major works ( Melkannakku)
  • Mainly on Aham (Love) & Puram (Valor)
  • 10 Idylls ( Pattuppattu)
  • 8 Anthrologies (Ettutogai)


  • 18 minor works (Kikanakku)
  • Philosophical, Moral & ethical message
  • Encloses Tirukkural – Bible of Tamils (Written by Thiruvallur)


Twin Tamil Epics


  • Brightest Jewel anklet of Tamil literature
  • Love story of Kovalam + Madhavi (Dancer) over his wife Kannagi
  • Written by Elango Adigal



  • Story of adventures of daughter born of Kovalam & Madhavi
  • Written by Sattanur


Narrative text

  • Works of heroics poetry in which heroes are glorified
  • Perpetual wars & cattle raids are frequently mentioned
  • This text shows traces of early megalithic life &that early Tamil people were mainly pastoral Lived basically on hunting & fishing although cultivated rice
  • Megalithic people believed that when a hero dies he is reduced to stones which remind us of circle of stones on the graves of megalithic people.
  • It may have led to practice of raising “Hero stone known as Virarkal” in honour of heroes died fighting
  • This text also gives us idea about military & administrative system along with trade & commerce of south Indian people


Didactic Text

  • Work of Brahamana written in Prakrit – Sanskrit language
  • Mainly prescribing code of conduct for king & other social classes

TolkkappiyamEarliest of Tamil literature which deals with grammer & poetics on political & socio economic conditions of that period

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