Peninsular Plateaus India

Shillong Plateau
  • A part of Peninsular Deccan Plateau, made of Garo, Khasi & Jaintia Hills & homeground of Shillong city
  • World’s highest rainfall receiving point Mawsynram is situated here
Chhotanagpur Plateau
  • Covers NE part of Peninsular plateau including Jharkhand, parts of Chhattisgarh & WB, with highest Peak Parasnath
  • Famous as Patland plateau & known as ruhr of India due to large mineral deposits
Malwa Plateau
  • Located on north of Narmada rift valley & part of central Highland made up of granite & gneiss
  • A dissected lava plateau covered with black soil, famous for production of cotton
  • Northern part of this plateau has been transformed into Badland by river chambal & its tributeries
Deccan Plateau
  • Lies to the south of Tapi river, Deccan plateau is majorly a lava region made up of basalt, whose erosion has led to the formation of black soil
  • Largest plateau of Indian peninsula, famous for the cultivation of cotton

Plateau India

Telangana Plateau


  • A part of deccan plateau, located on north of river krishna
  • Lies in the rain shadow region of south west monsoon, have mainly dry thorn forests
Karnataka Plateau
  • Located on the south of deccan lava region, Built of Malnad region in west (Western Ghats) & Raichur Maidan in east.
  • Bababudan hills (Famous for iron ores) are located in this plateau
Bundelkhand Plateau
  • Spreads along the borders of UP & MP
  • Has been transformed into ravines by extensive erosional activities of river Chambal & its tributeries
Dandakaranya Plateau
  • Spreading in parts of Chhatisgarh & Odisha, contains igneous & metamorphic rocks of Archaen period
  • River Indravati & Mahandi flows through this plateau & is largely inhabited by Gond tribes
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