National Security Doctrine

In the aftermath of recent attacks such as Pathankot, Nagrota etc., experts are of views that there is an imminent need for National Security Doctrine.

Issues in India’s national security 

  • Inconsistent security response i.e., calling NSG to combat in Pathankot, even when trained army personnel acquainted to local terrain were available at the site itself + Similarly, in Mumbai attacks, NSG was stationed in city itself but took long time to come to action.
  • Ignoring or inaction on intelligence inputs
  • Heavy casualties due to improper co-ordination among security agencies
  • No accountability even after failures of any agency


What is a National Security Doctrine? 

  • A principle which guides the government on security matters at both strategic and operational level – applied through strategy, tactics and specific operations at different situation underlined in the doctrine.
  • Currently, only defense establishment in India have a doctrine for external security.


Why India Needs a Security Doctrine 

  • The decisions would be guided by the national security strategy enshrined in the doctrine.
  • Prompt and relevant decision making would result in consistent security response at the time of insurgencies.
  • To maintain proper co-ordination among security establishments at both at central & federal level.
  • Would avoid terror attacks which occurred even when intelligence agencies have inputs.
  • Would make the security establishment more accountable in case of any failures to combat terror attacks.
  • Prompt and successful handling can ensure peace, progress and development within the country.
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