Kashmir Unrest Issue

J & K Valley’s prolonged anti-India protest; rising insurgency in Kashmir, intense counter- insurgency operation has caused acute distress in the region. Demand for the political outreach emerged to prevent radicalisation of local youth which is the topmost concern for the Indian security establishment.

Reasons for the Unrest

  • Economic reasons: Widespread unemployment, disintegration of traditional handicrafts, declining tourism due to terror attacks, loss of crops due to floods, cloudburst
  • Angst against state: Laws like AFSPA, regular curfews, presence of armed forces, allegations of human right violations, usage of Public Safety Act to detain a person
  • Political instability and vacuum – allegations of rigged elections, incidents of boycotts of elections, and President’s rule for large periods
  • Pakistan incites the sentiments of Kashmiri people + carry on cross-border infiltration
  • Poor education and health system
  • Indoctrination of youth by radical leaders
  • Demand of a plebiscite has been there since 1947 which the people feel is their legal right as per the instrument of accession. However, due to the actions of Pakistan and changed conditions since 1950 plebiscite cannot be performed in the Valley. This has enraged generations of Kashmiri people.

Kashmir Unrest

Why Problem Still Persists? 

  • Lack of dialogues between the government and all the stakeholders – Indian government has refused to talk to Hurriyat who have a presence enough to continue the disruptions.
  • The situation has worsened due to the presence of social media, incitement by local media etc.
  • Use of pallet guns by the security forces: Though necessary, it increased angst of the people against state.
  • Instigation by Pakistan


TVSN Prasad Committee Report Recommendations on use of Pallet Guns 

  • Pellet guns should be used in rarest of rare cases
  • Use of other non-lethal weapons for crowd control like chilli grenade shells
  • Tear gas shells should be made of plastic so that on being fired it may melts & cannot be picked up by protestors.


Use of Long Range Acoustic Device (LARD) which creates a deafening noise to paralyse people could prove dangerous for old buildings in rural areas in downtown Srinagar

Way ahead 

  • Most important step should be towards the economic and social development of the people
  • Special schemes for the handicrafts, tourism and employment like ‘Nai Manzil’, ‘USTTAD’
  • Urgent need for the Indian and Jammu and Kashmir government to reach out the people of Kashmir
  • All major stakeholders must rise above narrow political agenda and do the right thing for the future of Kashmir
  • Interest of Kashmiri people and their ‘Kashmiriyat’ must be central to government efforts.
  • Develop mutual trust and concern – Banning of pallet guns is welcome beginning + Indian government should also consider humanizing AFSPA.
  • Any rollback of A.370 should not be sudden or knee-jerk. It must be done progressively while taking into confidence the people of J&K
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