India Japan Relations

Motivated primarily by shared concerns about China – developing a closer defence partnership defined by regular maritime exercises and highlevel political consultations


Complementarities between the two countries 

  • Japan’s ageing population and India’s youthful dynamism
  • India’s rich natural and human resources and Japan’s advanced technology
  • India’s prowess in services and Japan’s excellence in manufacturing
  • Japan’s surplus capital for investments and India’s large and growing markets & middle class


Cooperation from Japan

  • Japan has been extending bilateral loan and grant assistance to India since 1958. Japan is the largest bilateral donor to India in priority areas like power, transportation, environmental projects & Infra development –

India Japan Relations

  • New Delhi metro network.
  • Western Dedicated Freight Corridor
  • Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor
  • Chennai-Bengaluru Industrial Corridor
  • Agreement for Cooperation in the Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy
  • To build upon cooperation in the field of smart cities
  • Modernisation and expansion of conventional railway system in India
  • Consolidation of security and defence cooperation
  • MOU between JAXA and ISRO concerning Cooperation in the Field of Outer Space
  • A dedicated task force having representatives of both countries for phased transfer of technology for success of Make in India


India Japan Civil Nuclear Deal, 2016 

  • Enables Japan to export nuclear power plant technology as well as provide finance for nuclear power plants in India
  • Now Companies involved in nuclear reactor programme of India can source the most critical equipment in a reactor — Steel reactor vessel from Japan
  • A major achievement for India as it is Japan’s first civilian nuclear cooperation pact with a country that has not signed the nuclear NPT
  • The agreement confirms India’s position in front of the world as a responsible nuclear nation which uses nuclear energy peacefully
  • Will boost India’s strategy to pursue a low-carbon growth model in decades to come


Asia Africa Growth Corridor

  • Indian and Japanese governments unveiled a vision document for the Asia Africa Growth Corridor.
  • It is an attempt to create a “free and open Indo-Pacific region” by rediscovering ancient sea-routes and creating new sea corridors that will link the African continent with India and countries in South-Asia and South-East Asia.

Asia Africa Growth Corridor

  • Japan’s contribution to the project will be its state-of-the-art technology and ability to build quality infrastructure, while India will bring in its expertise of working in Africa.
  • Unlike China’s OBOR project Asia Africa Growth Corridor is conceived as a more open and inclusive programme that will be based on more consultations and keep people as the centre piece rather than just trade and economic ties.
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