Important Glaciers in India

Batura Glacier J & K – Karakoram range
Khurdopin Glacier J & K – Karakoram range
Hispar Glacier J & K – Karakoram range
Biafo Glacier J & K – Karakoram range
Baltoro Glacier J & K – Karakoram range

Glaciers in India

Chogolungma glacier J & K  – Karakoram range
Diamir Glacier J & K  – Karakoram range
Siachin Glacier
  • LOC between India & POK
  • Close to China border – Karakoram Range

Glaciers of India

Gangotri Glacier Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand
Milam Glacier
  • located in Trishul peak of  Pithoragarh of Uttarakhand
  • Source of Goriganga
Pindari glacier Nanda devi,  Uttarakhand
Zemu Glacier
  • Largest glacier in the Eastern Himalaya
  • Located on Kanchenjunga peak, Sikkim
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