Books for Public Administration Optional For UPSC Mains Exam

Public Administration is one of the favorite optional subjects of Civil Services Aspirants. If you look at the current syllabus of General Studies in Civil Services Exam, You will find a lot of overlap with the optional paper of Public Administration especially in GS-II and GS-IV. Choosing Public Administration will also prepare you for writing answers in the way that is required in the GS-IV. Being a traditional hot favorite, plenty of books and study-materials are available in the market.


Books for Public Administration Optional For UPSC – English


Books for Public Administration Optional For UPSC – Hindi


Why One Should Choose Public Administration Optional For UPSC

  • Pub Ad covers nearly 18% of the General Studies in political system, public policy, Rights Issues and Governance – Constitution
  • Pub Ad covers 50% of the General Studies – II (Governance, Constitution, Policy, and Social Justice)
  • Pub Ad covers 50 – 60% of the Paper – IV (Ethics – Emotional Intelligence concepts, Public/Civil services values and Ethics, Probity in Governance, Code of Conduct, Quality of Service delivery)
  • Pub Ad covers a major portion of compulsory Essay Exam
  • In overall you canScore 280 – 315 marks in General Studies by having Public Administration as an Optional.
  • Along with Optional it covers around 800 out of 1750 (46%) in Mains Exam.


Few Tips to Remember For Public Administration Optional

  • The most important thing in Public Administration is conceptual clarity.
  • Until and unless you have conceptual clarity you won’t be able to understand the question in the first place
  • All of us write answers in pub-ad and feel that we have written it well but the problem is most of us interpret questions differently and end up writing different answers.
  • The correct interpretation of question will only happen if your concepts are clear


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