Books for Political Science Optional For UPSC Mains Exam

Political Science is a popular choice among IAS aspirants as it has significant overlap with general studies especially Indian polity and International relations (General awareness). Answer writing practice especially for the conceptual portions of the subject gives experience for answering questions in the general studies papers. It also comes handy while answering current affairs & foreign policy questions in interview.


Books for Political Science Optional For UPSC – English


Books for Political Science Optional For UPSC – Hindi


Why One Should Choose Political Science Optional

  • Every year considerable amount of aspirants select this subject as their optional as it is quite safe, scoring and interesting subject.
  • Political science is a good optional subject with around 60% syllabus matching with the general studies.
  • In Preliminary Exam every year, 8-10 questions are asked from Indian freedom movement and 15 to 20 questions are asked from Indian polity and Governance section
  • Anyone who intends to clear prelims can never neglect Indian Polity section. Anyone who takes Political Science as optional would study Indian Polity and Governance along with International Relations and thus saving time for other topics for the preliminary exam.
  • Lastly, in interview the subject comes to be extremely handy as a good knowledge of Governance, Polity and IR can result in very good marks and finally scale the gap between getting a recommendation and missing it by a few marks and investing one more year of your life in preparation
  • Standard books and materials is easily available in the market
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