Books for History Optional for UPSC Mains Exam

Books for History Optional for UPSC Mains Exam


Books for History Optional for UPSC Mains Exam 👇

History optional is the only subject whose almost 90% content are now there in GS (Main + Prelim). So, logic is that even if one does not have History optional, about 90% of History optional subject one has to study.

Given below is the table which depicts syllabus of History optional subject and New General Studies for comparison. Almost, the entire syllabus of History is included in New GS.

History Optional SubjectGeneral Studies
Paper 1 – Ancient IndiaPrelimsAncient India
MainsIndian Heritage & Culture (Ancient) – GS 1
Paper I – Medieval IndiaPrelimsMedieval India
MainsIndian Heritage & Culture (Medieval) – GS 1
Paper – II Modern India (Mid of 18th century to Present)PrelimsModern India (Mid of 18th century to 1947)
Mains1) Modern India (Mid of 18th century to Present) – GS 1
2) Post-Independence Consolidation – GS 1
3) Indian Heritage & Culture (Modern) – GS 1
Paper II – World History
(18th century to present)
MainsHistory of World from 18th century till today) – GS 1

Books for History Optional For UPSC Mains Exam – English 👇

Books for History Optional for UPSC Mains Exam – Hindi 👇

  1. Plassi Se Vibhajan Tak : Adhunik Bharat Ka Itihas
  2. Adhunik Bharat Ka Etihas – By Bipan Chandra 
  3. Bharat: Gandhi Ke Baad by Ramchandra Guha
  4. Samkaleen Vishwa Ka Itihas 1890 – 2008
  5. Bharatiya Kala, Sanskriti Evam Virasat

Why One Should Choose History Optional 👇

  1. The subject is plain, involves no typical theories, doctrines, principles and ideas and on the balance is marked by the absence of technicalities.
  2. Current issues are absent what one finds in almost all popular optional subjects, so preparation does not require updating. Everything is almost fixed in history.
  3. In Preliminary Examination there are about 15 to 18 questions constituting 30 to 36 marks (GS Paper-I (Prelim).
  4. In GS-I (Paper-II Main) History is expected to constitute over 50% marks (125+ marks).
  5. History often requires the development of strong analytical and critical thinking skills. Analyzing historical events, understanding their causes and consequences, and evaluating different perspectives can enhance your ability to think critically and make informed judgments.
  6. History is inherently interdisciplinary, involving elements of sociology, anthropology, political science, economics, and more. Studying history can provide a holistic view of human societies, cultures, and civilizations, which can be valuable in understanding the complexities of the world.
  7. History provides context to current affairs and helps individuals understand the roots of contemporary issues. It enables you to connect past events with present-day situations, fostering a deeper understanding of the world and its dynamics.
  8. History requires effective communication skills, particularly in the form of essay writing. Choosing history as an optional subject can help you hone your writing skills, which is beneficial in various academic and professional contexts.
  9. Studying history exposes you to different cultures, traditions, and ways of life. This can contribute to increased cultural awareness and a more open-minded worldview.
  10. In some academic and competitive exams, history is considered a scoring optional subject. If you perform well and have a good grasp of historical concepts, it can positively impact your overall score.
  11. A background in history can open up diverse career opportunities, including teaching, research, journalism, museum curation, archival work, and more. It can also be beneficial in fields such as law, public administration, and international relations.

Ultimately, the decision to choose history as an optional subject should align with your interests, goals, and the requirements of the academic or competitive examination you are preparing for. If you are genuinely passionate about history and enjoy the process of uncovering the past, it can be a highly rewarding choice.

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