Ports in India

  • Natural harbor & biggest port of India (Gateway of India)
  • Handles approx. 1/5th of India’s foreign trade
Nava Seva      Jawalar Lal Port (Highly Mechanized Port) ,  Mumbai
Chennai Oldest artificial harbor on east coast  & 2nd largest port in terms of volume of traffic
Ennore 1st corporate port (To release pressure on Chennai port)
Tuticorin (TN) On Eastern coast of India
Kandla Tidal Port (To release pressure on Mumbai port, developed after partition of India), Gujrat

Ports in India

Kochi A natural harbor
Vishakhapatnam Deepest artificial harbor on east coast
Kolkata Riverine Port (Handles goods coming from SE Asian countries Australia & New Zealand)
Haldia Developed on river Hooghly to relieve pressure on Kolkata port
Paradip Located on Orissa coast
Mormugao In Goa ( 5th in total traffic handled)
New Mangalore On New Mangalore
  • Ennore – 1st corporate port (To release pressure on Chennai port)
  • Indian Ports - 95 % by volume & 70 % by value – India’s international trade
  • In monsoon, all western ports except Mumbai, Cochin & Kandila are closed (12 Major & 1 Minor Port)


  • Maritime transport is to be administered by both the Central and the State governments.
  • While the central government’s shipping ministry administers the major ports, the minor and intermediate ports are administered by the relevant state gov. of coastal states.
  • All major ports, except one Ennore Port are government administered. It is the first port in India which is a public company
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