coalition government

Contemporary Political Developments

Contemporary Political Developments Coalition Government  In initial years, the congress party gained overwhelming major... »

Regionalism Issues

Regionalism Issues – North East

Regionalism Issues – North East The partition of India turned the North-East region into a land locked region and ... »

Regionalism Issues in India

Regionalism Issues in India

Regionalism Issues in India Basis of Regionalism Local patriotism and loyalty to a locality or region or state and its l... »

Anti Sikh Riots 1984

Communal Riots India

Communal Riots India The problem of communalism begins when a religion is seen as the basis of the national unity and id... »

Popular Movements Post Independence

Popular Movements Post Independence Naxalite Movement  The first non-congress United Front government came to power in W... »

Emergency of 1975

Emergency of 1975 Economic Issues  India support to Bangladesh’s liberation caused serious repercussion on India&#... »

India’s Nuclear Policy

India’s Nuclear Policy India wanted to generate atomic energy for peaceful purposes. A significant component of hi... »

India’s Bilateral Relations

India’s Bilateral Relations India used foreign policy as an instrument to defend and strengthen India’s inde... »

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