Books for Geography Optional For UPSC Mains Exam

It is highly appreciated among Science, Engineering and medical students as the basics in Geography are in close proximity with the basic science. During last few years it comes out to be one of the most favourite choices of Civil Services Aspirants as concepts are logical unlike art optional & not tough to understand. Sufficient material is available in the form of books by Indian Authors as well as other study materials.


Books for Geography Optional For UPSC Paper – 1 – English


Books for Geography Optional For UPSC Paper – 2 – English


Books for Geography Optional For UPSC – Hindi


Why One Should Choose Geography Optional

  • The geography and its sister subject environment covers around 40% of objective type questions in General Studies paper-I at preliminary level.
  • Directly the geography covers 50% of geography part of GS paper-II and around 25% environment and disaster management area of GS paper IV at mains examination level.
  • Similarly, the knowledge of geography is certainly augmented our ability to answer questions related to paper IV of Economic Development (major crops and cropping patterns, food security., infrastructure, industries, etc…) and also certain issues of GS paper III vis-a-vis international relation.
  • Thus, choosing geography as optional subject is an astute step since it directly helps in answering around 200 marks and enhances our ability to effectively deal with another 300-400 marks area


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