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Stay Informed and Excel in Your UPSC Exam Preparation with Shankar IAS Current Affairs – Get the Latest Updates, Insights, and Analysis on Current Events, Government Policies, and Global Developments. Your Key to Success in UPSC Exams Starts Here!

  1. Science and Technology for UPSC (English| 7th Edition) |Civil Services Exam | State Administrative Exams
  2. Science & Technology UPSC Civil Services Exam | Science & Technology Book 2023 (1st Edition) for State PCS Exams by StudyIQ Publications
  3. Current Affairs Half Yearly 2023

UPSC examinations are highly competitive, and success requires thorough preparation and a deep understanding of the subjects and topics outlined in their respective syllabi. The selection process includes a combination of written exams and interviews, and the final appointments lead to prestigious careers in the Indian government and public administration.

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