Fluids Mechanics

Fluids Mechanics Pressure in liquid (P) = Density * g * h Relative Density (Hg) = 13.6 > Relative Density (Fe)   (Iron flows in mercury & do not sink) Atmosphere exerts pressure on us which is ... »

Properties of Solids

Properties of Solids Elasticity Material regains shape & size on removal of force Plasticity Material remains deformed permanently on removal of force Stress (Restoring force / area) F / A (Pascal... »

Waves & Oscillations

Waves & Oscillations Every oscillatory motion (small frequency) is vibratory motion (large frequency) but not vice a versa SHM Force is directly proportional to displacement from mean / equilibriu... »

Basics of Mechanics

Basics of Mechanics Equations of motion V = u + at S = ut + ½ at2 v2 – u2 = 2as Basic knowledge of Mechanics Circular motion v = (2 (pi) r) / t 0 net force & 0 acceleration does not mean 0 velocit... »

Fiber Optics & Laser

Fiber Optics & Laser Fiber Optics & Optical Fibers A technology that uses glass (or plastic) threads (fibers) to transmit data. A fiber optic cable consists of a bundle of glass threads, each ... »

Optics – Mirrors & Lenses

Optics – Mirrors & Lenses Light follows a rectilinear propagation (3 * 108 m/s) Umbra Point source of light Shadow (Total dark) Penumbra Extended source of light Shadow (Partial dark)   Plane... »

Systems of Units Measurement

Systems of Units Measurement The CGS (centimeter, gram, second) system Length is measured in centimeters, mass is measured in grams and time is measured in seconds. Thus centimeter, gram and seconds a... »

Chalukya of Badami, Pallavas, Pandyas

Chalukya, Pallava, Pandyas 600 AD: 3 Main Kingdoms in South: Chalukya (Badami); Pallava (Kanchi); Pandyas (Madurai) Primary Language : Sanskrit Rise of agrarian economy + No megaliths + Decline in tra... »

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