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Post Mauryan India: Sungas Dynasty, Satavahanas

Post Mauryan India: Sungas Dynasty, Satavahanas Post Mauryan India After Ashoka’s death, his successors were not able to keep the vast Mauryan kingdom intact. Provinces started declaring independence.... »

Mauryan Empire (321 – 184 BC)

Mauryan Empire (321 – 184 BC) Literary Sources Kautilya’s Arthshashtra Written in Sanskrit by Chanakya / KauFtilya / Vishnugupta / Indian Machiavelli Contains 15 books & 180 chapters; with main th... »

Iranian (Persian) & Macedonian (Greek) Invasion

Iranian (Persian) & Macedonian (Greek) Invasion Persian Invasion (550 BC) Contemporary to reign of Bimbisara, Persian attacked N-W front of India & Magadha continued to rise in N-E & Centr... »

Mahajanapadas & Rise of Magadha

Mahajanapadas & Rise of Magadha Mahajanapadas Budhhist literature Angutara Nikaya gives a list of 16 great kingdoms or Mahajanapadas in the begining of 6th century B.C Major reason of the formatio... »


Buddhism Founded by Gautam Buddha (Original Name Siddhartha) Born in 563 BC at Lumbini in Nepal near Kapilavastu (As a kshatriya in Shakya clan) Parents Suddhodhana & Mahamaya Left Home at the age... »


Jainism Jainism is of ancient origin & believed to have 24 Tirthankaras / Great teachers in their religion 1st one was Rishabdev (Born in Ayodhya) who is said to have laid the foundation of orderl... »

Jainism & Buddhism – Cause of Origin

Jainism & Buddhism: Cause of Origin Ritualistic Dominion of Brahamanas Kshatriya reacted strongly against the ritualistic dominion of brahamanas & vernas based on birth. Verdhaman Mahavira &am... »

Later Vedic Period (1000 – 600 BC)

Later Vedic Period (1000 – 600 BC) Advent of Iron Age Marked by invention of PGW (Painted grey ware) for bowls & dishes Origin of Sam Veda, Yajur Veda & Atharva Veda Sections of vedas &#... »

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