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Popular Movements Post Independence

Popular Movements Post Independence Naxalite Movement  The first non-congress United Front government came to power in West Bengal, comprising the CPI, CPM and Bangla Congress [a breakaway faction of ... »

Emergency of 1975

Emergency of 1975 Economic Issues  India support to Bangladesh’s liberation caused serious repercussion on India’s foreign exchange reserves Consecutive monsoon failure in 1972 & 73 af... »

India’s Nuclear Policy

India’s Nuclear Policy India wanted to generate atomic energy for peaceful purposes. A significant component of his industrialisation plans was the nuclear programme initiated in the late 1940s,... »

India’s Bilateral Relations

India’s Bilateral Relations India used foreign policy as an instrument to defend and strengthen India’s independence and to develop the self-reliance, self-confidence and pride of the mass... »

Operation Flood and Cooperatives

Operation Flood and Cooperatives Peasants of Kheda district, Gujarat which supplied milk to Bombay felt cheated by the milk traders. They met Sardar Patel who was from the same region to redress their... »

Green Revolution in India

Green Revolution in India To reduce the dependence of India on foreign aids for supply for good grains during the agricultural crises like droughts, floods etc. and envisaged to make India self-depend... »

Emergence of Planning System

Emergence of Planning System in India Planning as a process of rebuilding economy earned worldwide public support in 1940’s & 1950’s There was a general consensus on one point that ‘th... »

Economic Development of India

Economic Development of India Mixed Economy Model Post-Independence condition: Poverty, illiteracy, ruined agriculture & industry Distorted Economy. Ensuring well-being and economic development we... »

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