Ancient India History Notes To Prepare For IAS Online

Section 1 → Ice Age + Indus Valley Civilization + Vedic Period

Section 2 → Jainism + Buddhism + Vedic Period + Rise of Magadha


Section 3 → Persian & Greek Invasion + Mauryan Empire + Post Mauryan India + Foreign Invasion on India

Section 4 → Sangam Age + Gupta Empire + Harshavardhana + Chalukya & Pallavas 

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  2. thanks superb concise and beneficial

  3. Respected Sir ..
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  4. Sir contents is not visible and please give all contents of earlier website. It was very useful and interesting… In bluefonts and explaining images was too good.

    • Hello Pritam, I am still updating the content & by January i will update it all, along with daily current affairs. Once i will update the content i will try to make explaining images & memory maps of all the article for a quick grasp.

      • Bro, can you complete the entire modern history part. The contents are quite helpful for working aspirants like me.

  5. I am not able to view any notes

  6. Found your videos on you tube. Quite useful. Thanks for your effort.

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